Connecting a Water Cooler to the Main Source

Water coolers use either the main source or the bottled water for dispensing hot, normal or cold water. While there are advantages of using bottled water for water coolers, a water cooler connected to the main source is more beneficial. You can use them anytime of the day. Here are a few advantages of connecting a water cooler to the main source.


Saves Money

Connecting a water cooler to the main source saves the money spent on the bottled water used in most of the counter top or huge water dispensers. Mains Fed Water Dispensers can be connected to an existing source and the water is ready to be used. Such water coolers are of ideal use in offices, schools and colleges where more number of water coolers are needed.


Saves Space

Unlike counter top models or dispensing machines that dispense bottled water, a water cooler connected to the main source can be mounted on the wall or under the sink. Such models are generally small in size as compared to other water coolers and do not need a lot of place or a platform to be kept on. This compact model of water coolers can be hung on the wall or kept under the sink in small spaces.

Continues Water Supply

A water cooler connected to the main source does not have any disruption in the supply of water. You can use it as a hot cold water dispenser or a cold water dispenser throughout the day without being afraid about the water running out.



Use Water Dispenser for Clean Water

One of the common reasons due to which a large number of people fall sick every year is drinking unclean water. There are so many water borne diseases which can trouble people. In order to make sure that you do not suffer from any such disease, it is best to always drink Filtered Water. Now days, people can find various types of water purifiers offered by different companies. In offices, many people work and they all need access to clean drinking water. It is important for the health of employees to provide facility of potable water.


In order to fulfill this purpose, companies buy Water Dispenser. It is a simple device which provides clean water to people. You can get either cold or hot water from it. People can mix both hot and cold water to get it at the desired temperature. A water cooler can be placed at any location wherever it is convenient for people. In offices, people will find water coolers located at different places so that employees do not have to go far for getting water.


If you search online then you will come across various types of water dispensers. You need to choose one which fits your budget and preferences. It is easy to buy anything online. You can go through a large number of options and buy what you like. It does not only save your time but money also. This is because you can find attractive deals for purchasing anything online.

Know Your Options While Choosing Water Coolers

Water cooler comes in different type of shapes and sizes. Depending on your requirement, you can go for a small sized water cooler or big sized. Considering the main requirement in a water cooler is dispensing clean water so you need to be sure about all your options while choosing water coolers for the office or home. Take a look into all different options out there in the market so that you could learn about which option to choose. There are many questions that you need to ask to the seller before your purchase a dispenser. With proper research, you can get better idea about what you need to find in a water cooler and which one is right for you.


Questions to ask before purchasing a water cooler

There are several questions that you must ask before purchasing a water cooler. Since you need to consider all aspects that come into your mind, choosing the right kind of water cooler can be advantage for the water you would like to choose.

  1. Since you may be looking to choose a water cooler for home, office or gym, therefore you need to be sure which type of unit is used for your requirement?
  2. How much is your water consumption on daily basis?
  3. Are you going to choose mains-fed water coolers or not?
  4. Do you need hot and cold water?
  5. Do you have enough space for water cooler you are about to choose?
  6. What would you like the unit to be look like?

It is important to bear all the above questions in your mind before purchasing a water cooler.

Different Water Coolers To Serve Your Purpose

In many schools, offices, homes etc. water fountains are used to provide healthy and safe drinking water to people. These fountains have well organized taps to avoid wastage of the water. These fountains take direct supply of the water and have purifying mechanism to treat the water before users actually tap it. Other than drinking purpose, they are used to decorate your space. Some common types of water fountains are:

Bottle drinking fountain: well this is considered to be the most conventional type of drinking  Water Fountains for Schools that is designed to avoid drinking directly from the water fountain. Usually it consists of more than one sprout from where the water flows out. These sprouts make sure that people can collect water from it in bottles and other utensils, rather than drinking directly from the unit. Therefore, bottle drinking fountain is just perfect for the public place because it lets hygienic supply of the drinking water. It also offers good hydration to unit and makes fountain more hygienic.

2. Refrigerated water fountains: these fountains are used to have fresh and cold drinking water. These systems have the refrigerating option for cooling water prior dispensing. These fountains usually have integrated filtering mechanism that helps in providing pure water. These are used in places that have bad tasting tap water or the lead pipe depending on the water system. These are also used as water coolers for schools for better health of the students.

Hence, having the right water coolers is a must for a healthier and safer you.

Water Cooler: More Than Just a Tool for Hydration

Gone are those days when water coolers were used as only a source of hydration. Using water coolers to satisfy thirst is one thing but now Water Coolers for the Office can be used to maintain environment safety and hygiene. One key thing about water coolers is that it helps in keeping away all the impurities and side effects of drinking water from plastic water bottle. It helps in maintaining clean water at office and removes heavy metals, rust, chlorine, parasitic cyst and other impurities from drinking other type of normal drinking water. Moreover in various surveys and studies, it has been proven that clean water from Water coolers can significantly improve your health. Therefore it is a good idea to keep office water coolers and maintain health.

Due to such rich benefits from water cooler, more and more companies and offices are getting water coolers for their employees. If you have a water cooler in office, then even employees prefer to drink water from the cooler and don’t prefer to buy a plastic bottle or create any unnecessary dirt. This also helps in maintaining healthy workplace environment as less plastic and more pure water is available. It helps in keeping fitness of the workers as well because they need to visit the water cooler to get them water, this way they can get up from their seat and move around in the office. However it is up to the employer to keep their office clean and install water coolers in offices to maintain safety and hygiene of their workers.

Have Safe Drinking Water through Main Fed Water Coolers

If you are trying to get mains-fed water coolers installed in your school, offices, home etc. then you have definitely taken a right decision. They are so easy to be handled and managed. Once you have installed the product then you can overlook everything.

They do not need any maintenance other than from irregular wipe down. So you won’t find any hidden cost on your head in order to operate them. There will be no wasted space if you have mains-fed water dispensers. There will be no full or empty bottles that would take up unnecessary space or make place look really untidy. Moreover the risk related to the health and safety from carrying such heavy bottles or changing them is also eliminated. If you rent the water dispensers then you won’t have the hidden and unforeseen workload in respect of reordering the supplies or carrying out the maintenance and repairs.

When you have got limited office space then you must be worried that how much room any water cooler would take up. Preferred companies do present under sink coolers because they are not less bulky than the bottle and Mains fed coolers. For the businesses and home owners these are very suitable, it can be fixed as a traditional sink system or under with separate dispenser tap. So if you want to fix any water coolers for the office you can search online and payment can be made once the product is delivered.