Connecting a Water Cooler to the Main Source

Water coolers use either the main source or the bottled water for dispensing hot, normal or cold water. While there are advantages of using bottled water for water coolers, a water cooler connected to the main source is more beneficial. You can use them anytime of the day. Here are a few advantages of connecting a water cooler to the main source.


Saves Money

Connecting a water cooler to the main source saves the money spent on the bottled water used in most of the counter top or huge water dispensers. Mains Fed Water Dispensers can be connected to an existing source and the water is ready to be used. Such water coolers are of ideal use in offices, schools and colleges where more number of water coolers are needed.


Saves Space

Unlike counter top models or dispensing machines that dispense bottled water, a water cooler connected to the main source can be mounted on the wall or under the sink. Such models are generally small in size as compared to other water coolers and do not need a lot of place or a platform to be kept on. This compact model of water coolers can be hung on the wall or kept under the sink in small spaces.

Continues Water Supply

A water cooler connected to the main source does not have any disruption in the supply of water. You can use it as a hot cold water dispenser or a cold water dispenser throughout the day without being afraid about the water running out.



Water Cooler: More Than Just a Tool for Hydration

Gone are those days when water coolers were used as only a source of hydration. Using water coolers to satisfy thirst is one thing but now Water Coolers for the Office can be used to maintain environment safety and hygiene. One key thing about water coolers is that it helps in keeping away all the impurities and side effects of drinking water from plastic water bottle. It helps in maintaining clean water at office and removes heavy metals, rust, chlorine, parasitic cyst and other impurities from drinking other type of normal drinking water. Moreover in various surveys and studies, it has been proven that clean water from Water coolers can significantly improve your health. Therefore it is a good idea to keep office water coolers and maintain health.

Due to such rich benefits from water cooler, more and more companies and offices are getting water coolers for their employees. If you have a water cooler in office, then even employees prefer to drink water from the cooler and don’t prefer to buy a plastic bottle or create any unnecessary dirt. This also helps in maintaining healthy workplace environment as less plastic and more pure water is available. It helps in keeping fitness of the workers as well because they need to visit the water cooler to get them water, this way they can get up from their seat and move around in the office. However it is up to the employer to keep their office clean and install water coolers in offices to maintain safety and hygiene of their workers.