Tips to Buy Water Coolers for Office

Water coolers are one of the essential equipment which fulfills the requirement of having a clean drinking water. Every individual is entitled to drink water in the purest and hygienic form. Considering the fact, it is vital for individuals to make choice of water coolers for the office or schools intelligently and serve people with best water.

banner-5With the increasing awareness amongst individuals about clean water, demand for water coolers has increased tremendously. People’s focus has now shifted to choose the right source of water supply and get it installed at offices and schools. Two kinds of water coolers are available in the market, one which has bottle fitted into the dispenser, while the other one is connected with mains and water can be dispensed out of it as and when required. However before any of the water coolers are picked up, it is essential to keep in mind facts mentioned below;

  1. Size: The numbers of individuals that have to be served with the water dispensers are of utmost importance. If it is home consumption then bottled water dispenser is the right choice to make, while if it is for commercial places then go for mains fed water dispenser.
  2. Cost effective: For a large group of people, bottle water dispenser might be a costlier affair especially because of the number of bottles required in a day. Considering the fact it is better to have Water Fountains for Schools and offices, and serve people with quality water throughout the day.

Know Your Options While Choosing Water Coolers

Water cooler comes in different type of shapes and sizes. Depending on your requirement, you can go for a small sized water cooler or big sized. Considering the main requirement in a water cooler is dispensing clean water so you need to be sure about all your options while choosing water coolers for the office or home. Take a look into all different options out there in the market so that you could learn about which option to choose. There are many questions that you need to ask to the seller before your purchase a dispenser. With proper research, you can get better idea about what you need to find in a water cooler and which one is right for you.


Questions to ask before purchasing a water cooler

There are several questions that you must ask before purchasing a water cooler. Since you need to consider all aspects that come into your mind, choosing the right kind of water cooler can be advantage for the water you would like to choose.

  1. Since you may be looking to choose a water cooler for home, office or gym, therefore you need to be sure which type of unit is used for your requirement?
  2. How much is your water consumption on daily basis?
  3. Are you going to choose mains-fed water coolers or not?
  4. Do you need hot and cold water?
  5. Do you have enough space for water cooler you are about to choose?
  6. What would you like the unit to be look like?

It is important to bear all the above questions in your mind before purchasing a water cooler.

Drinking Clean Water through Safe Medium

Being hydrated all day long is a matter of important concern for every single individual. Drinking plenty of clean and safe water makes you feel better and smarter. However, having a safe and efficiently working drinking system in your premises is the best way to stay hydrated and energetic all throughout the day. Offices and schools are two such places that see real need of efficiently running water coolers or dispensers. Both these places have many people and kids inside it, who needs good and safe drinking water supplied through fast and efficient medium.

Water Cooler for Schools

BOBL8243In schools, often students carry their own water bottle which gets finished in the wee hours of the day. However, for rest of the day kids require efficient source of drinking water to keep them well hydrated. The best option to avail in this situation is water coolers which are available in variety of sizes and also varies in consumption module. These coolers have long lasting life, which makes it one of the best choices to make.

Water Cooler for the Office


Staying hydrated is also a crucial need for office going professionals who often look for options of water within their meeting rooms or cafeteria. With the help of such water giving machines, one can ensure to have uninterrupted supply of water and also stay efficient during the working hours. Plus, optimum water in body makes your stress level go low and keeps you calm throughout the operating hours in office.

Water Cooler: More Than Just a Tool for Hydration

Gone are those days when water coolers were used as only a source of hydration. Using water coolers to satisfy thirst is one thing but now Water Coolers for the Office can be used to maintain environment safety and hygiene. One key thing about water coolers is that it helps in keeping away all the impurities and side effects of drinking water from plastic water bottle. It helps in maintaining clean water at office and removes heavy metals, rust, chlorine, parasitic cyst and other impurities from drinking other type of normal drinking water. Moreover in various surveys and studies, it has been proven that clean water from Water coolers can significantly improve your health. Therefore it is a good idea to keep office water coolers and maintain health.

Due to such rich benefits from water cooler, more and more companies and offices are getting water coolers for their employees. If you have a water cooler in office, then even employees prefer to drink water from the cooler and don’t prefer to buy a plastic bottle or create any unnecessary dirt. This also helps in maintaining healthy workplace environment as less plastic and more pure water is available. It helps in keeping fitness of the workers as well because they need to visit the water cooler to get them water, this way they can get up from their seat and move around in the office. However it is up to the employer to keep their office clean and install water coolers in offices to maintain safety and hygiene of their workers.

Know About Water Coolers for the Office

Water coolers for the office is not only a basic requirement but is also at large a right of every individual to have access to filtered drinking water which is hygienic and safe to drink. That we provide for numerous options in water coolers for the offices, which would require your wise selection as per the requirement and utility. That the water coolers for the office, filtered drinking water has to be decided wisely as there are both permanent and temporary water coolers available to be installed. The choice of water cooler also involved cost and with the variety and designs we offer a wide range of coolers which are not only cost effective but are also ageless with timely cleaning and sanitation.

healthThe choice of water cooler is based on the number of people using it and the frequency of use and the water feeder source is also of importance when selecting a water cooler for filtered drinking water.That our designs and models are so simple and user friendly, that can be installed anywhere in the office for easy access of everyone, may it be a kid also with adjustable tap height options and storage capacity options based on the user groups.

Importance of Filtered Water Coolers for the Office

Good old water coolers for the office have long been a home of both gossip and hydration. Yet, it is only in recent times that the significance of the office water cooler has been recognized in terms of productivity & health benefits. Absence of hydration is now assumed to be an important reason of lethargy, chiefly when combined with tea and coffee. Fatigue and efficiency in the office obviously do not go simultaneously. In several countries, companies are now obligatory by law to guarantee that their staff has consistent access to safe drinking water. The health benefits related with clean drinking water go further than those related with only hydration. Filtered drinking water has the additional benefits of eradicating heavy metals, rust, parasitic cysts, chlorine &other contamination from the intake. The long term effect of such contagion is only just starting to be understood. It’s enough to say that prevention is always better that cure, thus bring on additional office water coolers.

So let us think that the decision to buy filtered office water coolers has been made. The office needs cool, clean and filtered drinking water appropriately obtained from the tap. Several offices now favor a bottle free water cooler given the ease of not refilling bottles and the amount saved from the same. All offices now do understand the benefits of offering their staff with clean, cool, odorless, safe and great tasting filtered water just at the turn of the tap.

Have Safe Drinking Water through Main Fed Water Coolers

If you are trying to get mains-fed water coolers installed in your school, offices, home etc. then you have definitely taken a right decision. They are so easy to be handled and managed. Once you have installed the product then you can overlook everything.

They do not need any maintenance other than from irregular wipe down. So you won’t find any hidden cost on your head in order to operate them. There will be no wasted space if you have mains-fed water dispensers. There will be no full or empty bottles that would take up unnecessary space or make place look really untidy. Moreover the risk related to the health and safety from carrying such heavy bottles or changing them is also eliminated. If you rent the water dispensers then you won’t have the hidden and unforeseen workload in respect of reordering the supplies or carrying out the maintenance and repairs.

When you have got limited office space then you must be worried that how much room any water cooler would take up. Preferred companies do present under sink coolers because they are not less bulky than the bottle and Mains fed coolers. For the businesses and home owners these are very suitable, it can be fixed as a traditional sink system or under with separate dispenser tap. So if you want to fix any water coolers for the office you can search online and payment can be made once the product is delivered.