Water Coolers- A Little Investment For Greater Efficiency

Working 8 to 9 hours in office or even studying for 6 to 7 hours in schools can really be tiresome. Everyone wish to get a break from the long working or studying hours and talk something else rather than work or books.


What’s better than chatting a little while you refresh your mind and body with some chilled water? A lot of companies have seen greater efficiency amid the employees after the installation of the water coolers in office. They have seen the workers working with more dedication after a short break while they re-fill their bottles with pure, hygienic and hot/warm/cold water.  This has contributed tremendously in the overall productivity. This refreshment has seen a lot of popularity due to the great results and more and more water coolers for offices are being bought for the overall benefits of the company and the employees too.


Similarly, opting for water coolers for schools has shown a great impact in the students. A short break and a walk to the water coolers has resulted in more efficiency amid the students. They show more interest in class as these short breaks and the cool water has helped them to feel refreshed all day and more energetic towards the studies.

Installing a water cooler in school or office is a great idea, but buying the same can become a challenge if you do not get in touch with the perfect dealer. So, do your research first and then opt for the one that suits all your needs.



Tips to Buy Water Coolers for Office

Water coolers are one of the essential equipment which fulfills the requirement of having a clean drinking water. Every individual is entitled to drink water in the purest and hygienic form. Considering the fact, it is vital for individuals to make choice of water coolers for the office or schools intelligently and serve people with best water.

banner-5With the increasing awareness amongst individuals about clean water, demand for water coolers has increased tremendously. People’s focus has now shifted to choose the right source of water supply and get it installed at offices and schools. Two kinds of water coolers are available in the market, one which has bottle fitted into the dispenser, while the other one is connected with mains and water can be dispensed out of it as and when required. However before any of the water coolers are picked up, it is essential to keep in mind facts mentioned below;

  1. Size: The numbers of individuals that have to be served with the water dispensers are of utmost importance. If it is home consumption then bottled water dispenser is the right choice to make, while if it is for commercial places then go for mains fed water dispenser.
  2. Cost effective: For a large group of people, bottle water dispenser might be a costlier affair especially because of the number of bottles required in a day. Considering the fact it is better to have Water Fountains for Schools and offices, and serve people with quality water throughout the day.

Different Water Coolers To Serve Your Purpose

In many schools, offices, homes etc. water fountains are used to provide healthy and safe drinking water to people. These fountains have well organized taps to avoid wastage of the water. These fountains take direct supply of the water and have purifying mechanism to treat the water before users actually tap it. Other than drinking purpose, they are used to decorate your space. Some common types of water fountains are:

Bottle drinking fountain: well this is considered to be the most conventional type of drinking  Water Fountains for Schools that is designed to avoid drinking directly from the water fountain. Usually it consists of more than one sprout from where the water flows out. These sprouts make sure that people can collect water from it in bottles and other utensils, rather than drinking directly from the unit. Therefore, bottle drinking fountain is just perfect for the public place because it lets hygienic supply of the drinking water. It also offers good hydration to unit and makes fountain more hygienic.

2. Refrigerated water fountains: these fountains are used to have fresh and cold drinking water. These systems have the refrigerating option for cooling water prior dispensing. These fountains usually have integrated filtering mechanism that helps in providing pure water. These are used in places that have bad tasting tap water or the lead pipe depending on the water system. These are also used as water coolers for schools for better health of the students.

Hence, having the right water coolers is a must for a healthier and safer you.

Water Cooler: More Than Just a Tool for Hydration

Gone are those days when water coolers were used as only a source of hydration. Using water coolers to satisfy thirst is one thing but now Water Coolers for the Office can be used to maintain environment safety and hygiene. One key thing about water coolers is that it helps in keeping away all the impurities and side effects of drinking water from plastic water bottle. It helps in maintaining clean water at office and removes heavy metals, rust, chlorine, parasitic cyst and other impurities from drinking other type of normal drinking water. Moreover in various surveys and studies, it has been proven that clean water from Water coolers can significantly improve your health. Therefore it is a good idea to keep office water coolers and maintain health.

Due to such rich benefits from water cooler, more and more companies and offices are getting water coolers for their employees. If you have a water cooler in office, then even employees prefer to drink water from the cooler and don’t prefer to buy a plastic bottle or create any unnecessary dirt. This also helps in maintaining healthy workplace environment as less plastic and more pure water is available. It helps in keeping fitness of the workers as well because they need to visit the water cooler to get them water, this way they can get up from their seat and move around in the office. However it is up to the employer to keep their office clean and install water coolers in offices to maintain safety and hygiene of their workers.